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You know you're in the middle east when you see such a variety of spices.. Many of the traders were Jewish, many Arabic, and unless they wore some distinctive clothing, we couldn't tell them apart.

































On the way back we had a good look at the craft market – lots of interesting items,

all the stalls were manned by the artists themselves (a condition of being able to

sell there).


















Jaffa continued

Jaffo market
Fascinating historical events are ensconced within the Museum's walls dating back to 280 years ago, when the building served as the first Jewish Inn for pilgrims on the way to Jerusalem. The Museum was restored based on the original building and boasts over 500 Israeli, international and ethnic art alongside Ilana Goor's creations. Museum collections are blessed with artists like Diego Giacometti, Henry Moore, Joseph Albers, Yuri Lifshitz, Yigal Tumarkin, Pesi Gersch, Yakov Dorchin
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